My Wish List

In case you aren’t done with your Christmas shopping yet, here are a few small items that I would love to find in my stocking this year:

1. One house.
2. A forever sun kissed tan. Forever. Always. But no skin cancer allowed.
3. A forever manicure. Forever. I’m not asking for much here - just short, cute, always painted nails. A forever pedicure can be included too.
4. Free healthcare for everyone.
5. One medium sized black SUV.
6. Some babies to put in the previously mentioned house and SUV.
7. No more split ends. None. Ever.
8. A forever loving and non-judgmental heart. Forever. Always.
9. Tigers.
10. Funds for a few more college degrees.
11. Clean drinking water for the previously mentioned everyone.
12. Mile long eyelashes. (Woah. Didn’t your mother tell you to be careful what you wish for?)
13. A forever positive attitude. Forever. Always. No matter what.
14. One surprise.
15. Tim Riggins. (Haha! Just kidding, Ryan!)

So if I get all of this, do you want to come over and play at my new house with my new babies and new tigers? I might need your help getting my new mile long eyelashes into my new car.  And I guess I can let you borrow my new Tim Riggins (you know, from Friday Night Lights) since I already have a boyfriend.

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