The Day I Found My Toothbrush

The day I lost my toothbrush was yesterday. The day I found it was today.

Yesterday afternoon I came home from a lovely holiday party coated weekend at Ryan’s. I did a little secret elfing around, realized I needed more elf supplies, and brushed my teeth with my pink toothbrush. I like to brush my teeth before going to the Target, don’t you? So with my clean teeth, purple Nikes, and black tights, I hopped in my merry red sled and went on my holly jolly way. Upon returning from the Target, I did some more elfing – much more elfing, in fact – and went into my bathroom to brush my teeth around midnight. Not a creature was stirring (except for my psychotic pet mini panther reindeer named Rex - he really likes to craft, by the way.)

And here is where the mystery of the missing toothbrush reveals itself. My pink toothbrush. It was missing. I checked baskets, bowls, and under the sinks. I checked here, checked there; I checked everywhere! Luckily, my handy green spin brush was ready to step up for the teeth brushing challenge of the evening – and so it did. And again in the morning.

Fast forward through the following work day, the hour long sled ride home, the reindeer petting, the elfing around, and the dinner eating. There I am, standing in my kitchen, pasta bowl and fork in hand. I open the dishwasher to place them inside, and there it was! My pink toothbrush! Nestled safely in the utensil holder of my dishwasher.

What the h-e-double hockey sticks?! All of this elfing around is clearly getting to my head. Bring on the holidays.  Soon please.


Heather said...

this one was fun to read :)

ashley said...

Haha, I thought Reindeer Rex had something to do with this silliness. That sounds like something I would have done when I was P to the Go.

Daniela said...

I think your B needs a "like" and a "love" and a "LOL" button. Just saying...:)
Also, do you know of any mini wolf reindeer around, kind of like your mini panther reindeer but more canine than feline? If so, I would like to ask Santa for one. Maybe mini panther reindeer Rex and mini wolf reindeer TBN* can become bffs...

*TBN = to be named