My Life as a Mermaid

Ryan comes home from Connecticut today, and this pleases me. (I have a love/hate relationship with the word “Connecticut” because I have to say “Connect – i – cut” in my head whenever I write it, which is super annoying, but also very neat.) He was only gone for one night, but it feels like forever since I was away for four days and then only got to see him for a bit on Monday. A bit is approximately three hours, which isn’t nearly enough. And then he’s here for a bit (approximately three days) and then off to California, and then off to New York and then New Jersey and then New York again (with me!).

But, about my life as a mermaid: it doesn’t exist. I just want it too. I want to have a slimy, scaly tail and long long hair that is perfectly wavy even under the deep blue sea. I want my skin to sparkle and I want to snuggle a pet lobster named Rex. My friends are dolphins and starfish and of course my dad has a trident and my mom raises seahorses on her seahorse farm. And then one day, I’ll wish I was human, and I’ll trade my long long wavy hair for a pair of not so long legs so that I don't have to flop around like a dying fish when I hang out with my boyfriend who slays dragons for a living. Am I getting my stories confused?  And they lived happily ever after?

Maybe I just want to go back to the beach, get a tan, play all day, and spend my evenings coloring with Crayola crayons. I still haven’t gotten over my coloring craving.

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ashley said...

You may want to re-watch the fairy tale classics. :) But if you're going to be a mermaid you also may want to start collecting thingimajigs and whosawhatsies. Or some connect-i-cuts. Those may be helpful one day.