I finally got to see Ryan. And tonight, too. And even tomorrow. Oh boy! Yesterday evening, we dined at Blackfinn, the same place that we met once upon a time. Do you know this story? Ryan tells it best.

Dear Ryan,

Would you like to have a guest appearance on my blog? Did I tell you about one of my new favorite blogs by a girl named Reagan (not your sister) who calls her blog a “blob”, which I think is super cute? That wasn’t a question mark for if I think it is super cute or not, because I do – it was a question of “Did I tell you?” So, did I? And do you? Circle yes or no.

Little Tiger

Last night I had a pineapple upside-down cake martini because Ryan decided that I should and because he ordered it without consulting me. This is okay to do when you have been dating someone for one year, four months, and twenty-nine days – you just know what the other person likes. And I do like pineapple upside-down cake with a cherry on top. It started raining the minute we left the Epicenter, so we hid inside Phil’s for a bit. He knew the answer to the trivia question we walked in on because it was about football. Also, I think he is pretty smart.

Tonight, Ryan is hosting some games at his place before we walk over to see Simplified play acoustic at RiRa’s. A lot of people I love will be there, and I’m excited. Even Heather and Philip will be coming. Come back for photographs, okay?

PS: This is what I looked like the night we met (officially).  (For the second time.)  Just in case you forgot.  Also, I'm sorry my hair was so flat.  Now you HAVE to tell the story since I posted this awful picture.

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Raegan said...

I'm so glad you qualified that Reagan wasn't Ryan's sister because I would have been sad that my name was misspelled. Although I would have blamed Ryan. Oh and Ry, I want to read the story so do a guest blog. Thanks!