Dinner Date

I survived two whole days of work without getting my skirt stuck in my panties, so I think all will be well. Despite being 25 minutes away from home, working near the city certainly has its advantages. For example:

- Cardio Sculpt taught by Sergeant Roy at the Dowd YMCA at 6:15am
- Potential lunches with AB
- Target, Marshalls, and Trader Joe’s in Metropolitan Charlotte ($1.99 organic hummus, $1 socks, and $20 dresses … yes please)
- A ten minute, two or three turn drive to and from Ryan’s place
- Spontaneous dinner meetings at Brixx with this cutie (and his mom):

My date’s chubby cheeks are yummier than your date’s. I win. Plus do you see what his paper says? Yep, it says “Alekzander loves ATB”.  I know you're totally jealous.

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