Wild Baby Jungle Cats on Date Night

Last night, Ryan and I had a dinner-and-a-movie kind of date. I was starving by the time I got home from work, so we headed over to Birkdale for pizza at Brixx. (Does that surprise you? It’s only my favorite place in the world.) Neither of us ate pizza, but my tomato mozzarella wrap and purple chips were as delicious as always. After dinner, we decided to see the movie Grown Ups, which we both agreed was stupid, but cute. I also ate some fruit snacks.

And, oh, by the way: this little one was hanging out in the middle of Birkdale around 7pm.

Really. I want need one. When we got home, I told Rex all about the baby tiger we saw, and he got majorly jealous and started acting all wild-baby-jungle-cat-ish so I would love him more. And I do. So I’ve decided to take him to Birkdale and charge people $10 to take their picture with the baby panther. Do you think this will work? Circle yes or no.


Amelia said...

Now that is cute. I want one too!

Hello! I'm bloghopping from Cjane's "We're On Our Way Over" post.

I love your Rex. We lost our black kitty last year & have missed him very much. So give Rex a tender pet from me!

Tess said...

Hi, Amelia! I certianly will give Rex some loving from his new blog friend! :) Thanks for stopping by.