I feel a great sense of accomplishment after I’ve cleaned out my wallet. Isn’t it the best? I did it today and I rid myself of months’ worth of grocery, gas, Target, Banana Republic, Smoothie King, and anything-else-you-can-imagine receipts. My relationship with receipts is a curious one. For the most part, I hate them. I think they are a waste of paper – especially since the invention of online banking has taken over the world. For the other most part, I love them. My mom tells me that I am the queen of returns. I go through stages with this, but I would say about 47% of the clothing/jewelry/shoes/household décor items that I have purchased in my lifetime have ended up back at the store where they came from. I have always been indecisive, basically for one of two reasons: 1) I really don’t care or 2) I care way too much. And always because of this reason: spending money makes me feel majorly guilty. Yet I am still SO darn good at it. Right now, I want to buy a new dress. Oh man, I love dresses.  What do you want to buy?

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