Messing Up Their Stripes

It is a sleepy Wednesday. Storms are predicted and the temperature is supposed to be about ten degrees cooler than what we have been used to. This is good news, but I’ll take ten more, please – it would be nice to get into the mid 70s, you know?

Last night it was cool enough to sit outside under a fan, and so we did. My mom took us to The Galway Hooker in Huntersville for dinner, and it was nice to be able to enjoy a quiet evening with the women of my family. I wore a pretty new shirt that Ryan bought for me while he was in Chicago and a knotted nautical headband that I treated myself to. We forgot to take pictures. My sister wore an orange dress and big earrings, and my mom wore a black dress with copper studs around the waist. I ate a spinach and strawberry salad, Ashley had a sandwich, and my mom ordered veggie pasta. Do you feel like you were there with us?

I do have a picture of my zebra:

Image from Banana

It’s another shirt that Ryan bought for me for my pre-birthday. Does it make you giggle? Mine is actually a dark gray color, so my zebra family is a little more prominent. I love it. He also brought me back a comfy tee and some new VS lip glosses to add to my collection. Isn’t he the best?

Ryan has taught me a lot about taking care of zebras. Our conversation went something like this:

- What do zebras eat?
- Mostly just grass and leafy trees.
- Oh okay, good. I’m glad they are vegetarians like me and don’t eat black cats.
- Yeah, eating black cats would mess up their stripes.
- Oh. Well that makes sense.

So now you know, too. Isn’t it reassuring to have this information in your knowledge bank? Just in case a zebra (or three) enters your life any time soon. 

Please visit my my sister's blog to check out the adventures of Mus.   I'm not sure what Mus eats, but I think he is hilarious.

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