I was just overcome by the urge to color. You know, Crayola crayons and coloring books? Do kids still like to do this? Please, please, please circle yes. And maybe let me borrow your child for an hour or two so I don’t have to color alone?

Once upon a time, my mom and I had a coloring contest. We both picked our favorite available (non-colored) page in our Precious Moments coloring books and colored away. It was summer, but maybe really it was late spring or early fall, because we were able to color outside without sweating our bums off. My mom colored a page that had something to do with a gumball machine and I think I colored a page that had something to do with a shoe. Or maybe it was the opposite. When we were done, we called my dad out of his shed, and asked him to be the judge. And the winner was … my mom. My dad chose my mom’s coloring over his own child’s. She was better at staying in the lines. And that was that.



Sherry said...

I don't remember a contest. How old were you? 18?
I still have those coloring books but we'll need new Crayolas.

Tess said...

Well ... you don't remember because you were the winner and weren't traumatized by the experience. It happened on the back porch steps. Believe you me.

Raegan said...

You can borrow Ryan's nephews but they will want to color Star Wars and not Precious Moments.

Tess said...

Thanks, Raegan! I'd LOVE to color with your little ones! I can do Star Wars until the girls are old enough to color :)

Sherry said...

I've never won anything in my life, so I know I would remember such a special experience. I would still be bragging about it.
Maybe it was all a bad dream. Dad would never hurt your feelings. Do you need therapy?