Welcoming Baby Gracelyn

Once upon a time, this beautiful little lady fell in love.
Lucky for her, he was smitten, too.
(How could he not be?)
She counted down the months, weeks, days to their wedding.
Her favorite color that day was green apple green.
It’s really fun to say. Try it.
Green apple green.
They went on a wilderness adventure of a honeymoon.
Playing with bugs, sticks, and log cabins.
Then they bought 6 acres of land.
And started to build a house.
To live happily ever after in, of course.
And do you want to know something else?
In the wee hours of this Wednesday morning, Stacey became a mommy! 
Welcome, sweet baby Gracelyn Joy.
I can't wait to see what you make of this big, big world.
You certainly will be loved.

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