Happy Heart

I got your requests to see more pictures from our weekend. (Ha!) Unfortunately there was only one night of photography, but it was a good one.

Here’s why my heart was so happy for 48 hours in a row:

- Yummy dinner at Soul
- Surprise Puma presents
- Blue Moon
- Dancing by myself at midnight
- Peanut butter toast and kickboxing
- Healthy lunch at a new pub in the Epicenter
- Season 1 of Friday Night Lights
- Watching Brothers on our makeshift fort
- Waking up to cooler weather
- New gray nail polish acquired from our Target trip
- Tiger snacks at Zoe’s Kitchen
- Running my first mile to the YMCA
- Meeting a pair of Ryan’s old friends on The Green uptown
- Chocolate milkshakes after our work out
- Sleeping soundly

Mmm! I love a good weekend!


Sherry said...

Did you have your seatbelt on?

Tess said...

Of course! That was just a lean over.