A Stacey Shower

Today is the day that one of my closest friends, Stacey, will be showered with love in celebration of the baby that she is growing in her belly. This is such an exciting time in her life, and it is events like this that make my heart long for the days back in college when we were next door neighbors inside the same house. Stacey was always just a step – literally a step (not even a hop, skip, or a jump) – away from my bedroom. For a few months we even shared the same room and sometimes we would talk to each other via our computers, which were only about three feet away. We learned to like the same music, eat the same foods, knit the same scarves, and go on the same walks – two miles each way. When we both lived in Virginia, we would see each other nearly every weekend, even though we were an hour apart. Stacey has the sweetest soul and a contagious sense of humor that will bring out the sillies in anyone. She is going to be one fantastic mommy.

I know her heart is prepared for parenthood, which is fast approaching, and I hope she gets everything she needs today to prepare her home for her precious baby’s arrival. Happy Baby Shower, Stacey! Siobhan, Sarah, and I are sending well wishes from Charlotte this morning. I miss you every day, but today my miss is extra big.

Can you tell I use the same scrapbook paper for everything?  Are you sick of it?  Do you have a Michael's coupon you want to share?

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