Yoga Pants

If I haven’t yet proclaimed my love for yoga pants, please allow me to do so now.

Dear Yoga Pants,

I really love you. I love you in ways that I have never loved any other item of clothing (besides tights, of course). I love the way you cover my bottom half in your stretchy comforts, and I love the way you sit low and snug on my hips. I love your tiny little flare at the bottom that looks oh so wonderful with flip flops and silver flats. I love your blackness and your often times patterned waistband. I love that I can sleep in you, and I love that I can also semi dress you up and wear you to work if I cover my bum with a long cardigan. I love that I can buy you at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for $16.99 or less ($16.99 is my limit, but you are always worth every one of those 1,699 pennies). Do you hate that I own approximately a dozen of you, yet I never actually yoga? I understand that I am misusing your loveliness, but I wanted to let you know that your patience with me has paid off. Tonight, I shall yoga. And I am really counting on you to be there with me, embracing my inflexible limbs and assisting me in looking fabulous in your stretch cotton/lycra/spandexyness. Thank you for being so absolutely wonderful.

Forever Yours,


ashley said...

You're silly! I hope you enjoy yoga-ing. Are you going to try your DVD or go to a class? Remember to eat more than yogurt and broccoli when you're working out. Do you need me to teach you how to stuff your face? I'm good at it!

Tess said...

Oh, girl - I've got the face stuffing handled. I'd be pleased to practice it with you though! I'm taking Pi/Yo tonight at Dowd. I wish you could join me. XO.

Tess said...
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Sherry said...

DO not get the giggles and get kicked out of class. That happened to me once when I went to yoga with my daughter!

ashley said...

Was that with Tessa or me? I don't think I could handle a public yoga class!