Six Telling Yous

There are a couple (six) things I would like to tell you today:

1) I have painted my toenails. The painting session occurred in the dark around 10pm last night, but the nail polish dries in 60 seconds, so things turned out pretty decently.

2) I couldn’t find my nail polish remover, but then I remembered that I had to bring it to work one day. Do you want to know why? Because I was helping my manager with a document and pointed to his computer screen with a permanent marker and left a big black line on it. Oops. During my search, I realized that my cabinets and cupboards are not nearly as tidy or organized as I would like them to be. I have decided that I will be spending some quality time with them soon – you know, throwing away lots of things and taking some trips to IKEA to purchase organizational items.

3) I’m finally feeling a hint of excitement about spring’s arrival. I think it might have something to do with having my toesies exposed these past couple of days. Or maybe the time change. Either way, I’m feeling some little flutter bugs in my belly when I think about going on walks and spending time outside and wearing sundresses with sandals.

4) I’m ready for a tan, but I do not want to go tanning. What’s a girl to do? My friend Kellie (Kellie … when are you moving back? Soon I hope.) uses bronzing lotions and I’ve tried them but just can’t get past the way they smell. Especially when I am in close quarters with someone else – like my honey. It just doesn’t make sense that they would make a lotion smell like burning skin when that’s what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

5) I have a date with my Ashley friend (not my Ashley sister) tonight. I’m pretty excited. Now that she has a honey too, we rarely have the same “alone” times. But tonight it’s Brixx and Birkdale for the ladies. I’ve been craving a gold necklace that I saw at Francesca’s, so I’ll be treating myself to that and a yummy pizza tonight.

6) My honey is finally coming home! He’s on a plane from London, probably taking a tiger snooze, and will land around 5 this afternoon. His travels for the month aren’t nearly over, but at least I’ll have him back American soil for a while.

The end.

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