I Patty, You Patty

How do you PaTtY? Do you wear bright green tights and a bright green sweater like me? Or are you afraid of looking obnoxious in public? Do you hide your green and wear it on your undies or socks, or do you maybe have green eyes? Come on people! Get your PaTtY on – it’s okay to look silly today, and every day if you prefer!

I have to give a presentation in class tonight, and I’m really pleased with my clothing selection. Last year I completely forgot, so I’m just making up for lost time.  Feel free to hate on my outfit, but please don't judge my 7:30am, jetlagged under-eye baggage - I can't help it.  Also, no, the weather is not quite nice enough to be wearing sandals, but my heels are bruised from Germany and I can't wear shoes with backs on them.  And yes, I need to paint my toenails.  Okay, PaTtY on.

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