Zappos and Slyson Dice

Today I am wearing my new alphabet scarf, and it fills my heart with joy and makes me feel like I could take on a classroom full of kindergarteners. When my sister was in kindergarten, she drew a picture of me and wrote a short story that went something like this: “This is my sister Tessa. I would not trade her for a dog.” Isn’t she sweet?

Yesterday I ordered a pair of boots from Zappos. Have you ever ordered anything from there? So far, I am very pleased with their level of customer service, especially since they sent me an email at 3:15am that said: “Your order with Zappos.com has shipped! YAY! We've enclosed some tracking information, so you can follow your order from our warehouse to its final destination! It's almost like being a superspy!” I really appreciate that they knew I would appreciate them saying “YAY!” … and who wouldn’t want to be a superspy? So, today I ordered another pair of boots. Yikes. I’m going to return one pair, but you know how when they send you a email showing you what you ordered, and then you click on the picture and look at them from every angle again and think about all of the fantastic outfits you are going to create with them? Well, I didn’t really get that feeling this morning. So I kept looking, and with their free shipping (both ways!), I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by ordering another pair to take home with me to play. Hopefully I’ll love love love one pair and feel okay about sending the others back.

Once a week, I like to drink a warm, low calorie, orange flavored Gatorade. Today is that day. Today is also the day to wear my $1.50 elephant ring.

Does my index fingernail look dirty? Gross. It's not. I obsessively clean my nails like a zillion times a day with a special tool (okay, it's a knife) that I keep in my drawer. 

About the elephant - I don’t know her well enough to give her a name (I’m thinking Betsy?), but I do have an owl necklace named Mildred. Did you know that my dad told my mom she is allowed to get her C-A-T?! It’s true! If she decides to get the C-A-T, I think she should name him Slyson, and she can call him Sly, or Son, and I’m going to call him Slyson Dice. Do you think people ever take their babies home from the hospital and then decide, after a week or so, that they don’t like the name they picked out? Is there a special form to fill out if this happens?

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