Our Eleventh Seventh

I think you should make this summer salad to cheer you up a little. Here’s what you need: 4 tomatoes, a cucumber, buffalo mozzarella, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper. Chop, mix, then eat. It’s very good. Maybe you don’t need cheering up, but I think you should probably make it anyway.

Even though I ate this salad twice in 24 hours, I still could use just a smidge more cheer. Today is one of those “blah” days, but for no reason at all. Sometimes that just happens. So I sit in silence and stay in bed and allow myself to be miserable until I snap out of it. No reason to worry – it’s almost over. I bought myself a new scarf with the alphabet on it, and that helped a lot. I love the alphabet and I love scarves, so it seemed like the perfect $9 treat on this bummy Sunday. Also, John Mayer is on CSI right now, which is interesting.

Today is our eleven month anniversary and the super bowl. Ryan said eleven gets no love because it is so close to twelve. And it’s true. Twelve is big and we have big plans that involve airplanes, which are very exciting. Here’s what we did to celebrate our eleventh seventh: ate Junior Mints, had coffee, did some online shopping, played Phase 10 backwards, and watched the beginning of the Illinois basketball game. I did all of this with a poopy attitude and a blanket wrapped around my head.

Dear Ryan,
I’m so so sorry for being so miserable today.

Now I am home, and Rex insisted on playing a quick game of fetch, which made me laugh a little. Oh! One really wonderful thing happened this morning – I lost 20 pounds! Yep, twenty! Here’s how to lose 20 pounds in twelve hours:

1) Tap the scale with your right foot to turn it on.
2) Get on the scale before it is ready.
3) Voilà! You are now 20 pounds lighter.

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Meghan C said...

i think i am going to try that 20 lb trick.. it would def cheer me up from this snowy weekend :)