Today I found this sweet little “T” necklace at Francesca’s in Birkdale. Francesca’s is a cute and reasonably priced boutique filled with jewelry, clothing, purses, and other giftable ditties that will make you smile. I’ve never really cared for the letter “T”, and I’ve always secretly wished that my name started with an “A” or something in that genre of pretty. I mean – who even knows how to make a cursive “T”? Anyone? Yeah, me neither. But today, I decided to embrace my letter and wear it proudly around my neck.

Yes, my hair is in braids. And yes, my layers are too short, so my braids are more like ponytails.

Did you know that my sister is coming over tonight? She is. And I’m pretty excited. Nobody ever ventures all the way up to the lake to visit me, but I just love love love when they do. Maybe we will eat Brixx pizza in Birkdale. Today is just a Birkdale kind of day. Have you been there? It’s a precious little town center that looks small town and happy. It’s what made me want to move here. And so I did. And here I am. Rocking the “T”.

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