The Coming of March

Three hundred and fifty-eight days ago, Ryan and I started dating. This means that in seven days we will be celebrating our one year anniversary.

Dear 2009,
Where the heck did you go? Was it really necessary to go by so fast? If you could, please tell 2010 that I am in no rush to see it go. I’m looking forward to savoring every moment of every day, and it would really be beneficial if it did not continue to fly by like January and February did. And, what’s that deal with February? He really got the short end of the stick. Only 28 days? Could I bribe him for three more? Homemade cookies? A basket of bath salts? Circle yes or no.

Last night some friends got together to Simplified play, and although we had to wait in a line that was fifty people deep and consequently only got to hear three songs, it was pretty magical. On our second date, Ryan took me to Village Bistro in Ballantyne to see Clee and Sheridan play an acoustic show. And then we went to see them about 734 times after that. Simplified is a staple in our relationship, and in between twirling me around singing along, Ryan said “Doesn’t it feel like we just met?” … and it did and it does and I love it.

Ryan leaves for China on March 6th – the day before our big day – and I’m preparing myself for the heartache that comes with him being across the ocean and traveling elsewhere for nearly the entire month of March. I can’t believe that tomorrow we’ll be back in the month where we started.

Dear March,
Hi. It’s me, Tess. I love you and can’t wait to see you again tomorrow morning. I hope to see many many more of you, too. With different numbers tacked onto your name. You know, like March 2011 and 2023 and even 2037. Do you know someone who could make that happen? Can you tell I'm obsessed with odd numbers? And should I always count on you to be so wonderful? Yes? Okay. Then it’s settled. See you shortly!

Rex is taking a tiger snooze in the sun on my bed.  He's a cute kid.  Sundays are good for tiger snoozes - shall we?

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