On Thursday I treated myself to a much needed manicure and pedicure. I went to Polished on South Boulevard because my sister and I had been there once before and I thought it was fabulous. They serve you wine and you sit at a trendy little bar while you soak your hands in exotic scrubs and gossip with your neighbor about gray being the new black in nail polish. So, it turns out that the place I went is actually not the place that my sister and I went. Not at all. But this shouldn’t surprise you considering how awful I am with directions and remembering places that I have been.

The two guys that worked there picked out my polish color – “Hi Maintenance” by Essie – they said it was the best. The best out of like 973 colors … how could I pass it up?

I Google everything.  Really.

How do you like your nails shaped?  When they asked me, I confidently said “short.” I thought maybe we were experiencing some kind of language barrier because he kept saying “okay, what shape?” And then, miraculously, my kindergarten education came back to me, and I realized that “short” is not a shape. Did you know? So then I said “square” and then “… with rounded edges” and then “mmm … rounder” and “yeah, a little rounder than that” … and then I just shut my mouth because I knew I should have just said “round” from the beginning. Lessons learned on Thursday night:

1) I like my nails really short and round. But what they consider “round” is actually “shapeless” in my book.
2) Don’t hold, feed, cuddle, swaddle, or do anything with a baby right after you get your nails painted. They will crease and crinkle and you will experience a small level of sadness, but, fret not, that will quickly be overcome by baby bliss and you will simply carry on.
3) I should get manicures more often. Probably close to a zillion hangnails were removed from my precious little fingers. It was pretty gross.

Tonight we are going to see Black Eyed Peas. I'll be sure to tell Fergie and Ludicris you said hello.  And I’m glad my nails are “Hi Maintenance” pink … even though they are not quite so perfect looking anymore.

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ashley said...

One day when Alekzander earns allowance, maybe he'll treat his ATB to a manicure. At least your toes didn't get messed up...or did he spit up on your toes? Do you remember when you pooped on mom's legs... down into her shoes? You were probably all of three months... well I (apparently) freaked out and started crying because you pooped on mom's shoes. You've always been the bad daughter. hahahaha....