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Last night I met the funniest little pigeon. His name was Pigeon, and he wanted a puppy. If you haven’t read this book, you really need to. It reminded me a lot of my mom wanting her C-A-T. And this morning, when I googled Pigeon Wants A Puppy, I found out that Pigeon actually has a lot of books about doing lots of different things … like driving a bus:

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Also, while I was at Target (first trip of the week), I left my headlights on. As I was walking out, someone was writing down my license plate number, so I just walked around the parking lot for a minute until he was done. I didn’t want him to know that I was the idiot who left her lights on. And then they would have called my license plate number over the loud speaker, and I would have been embarrassed, and they probably did it anyway, but I wasn’t embarrassed because I wasn’t in there to hear it. Plus, I have NO idea what my license plate number is, so it wouldn’t have done any good anyway.  Don't you just love the pigeon?  (Don't think about the way "pigeon" is spelled.  It will make you throw up.)

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