The Time I was BFs with the DJ

I crashed boy's night.  To distance myself from ruining the super manly vibe they had going on, I spent nearly the entire time in the DJ booth.  I managed this slick maneuver by lying to the bouncer and telling him the DJ and I were basically best friends.  It actually turned out to be not really a lie because, I mean, we got along swimmingly.  It was a great place to spy on Ryan & Co, and the DJ let me draw dinosaurs in his notebook in exchange for not playing a single song that I requested.  He also let me push "an important button," which, looking back, probably actually didn't do anything at all.

And then there were the other times.  You know, when I was fist pumping with Pete.  Check out the intensity. Based on my outfit, I was also leading safari tours through BlackFinn and/or the rest of the uptown area - you can make reservations for a personal tour, and I'll play you some dance music while we check out the animals.

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ashley said...

you are silly. i love your style... and your ability to draw dinosaurs and be friends with the DJ.