Happy Everything

Once upon a time, time fast forwarded to March.  I trust that this is true and I am pleased with Charlotte’s sunshine and 60 degree days that come with the early signs of spring.  Winter happened – for real – and although it went undocumented, trust that Ryan worked 300 hour weeks, traveled to 55 states, and probably stopped by a few different countries, too.  I mostly read Hunger Games and watched Real Housewives of everywhere.  I also had a short stint of taking the stairs up to Ryan’s 11th floor condo, eating obsessively healthy and quitting sweets forever.  This lasted exactly nine days.  Since then, I’ve doubled my caloric intake, completely stopped exercising, and ate chocolate pie for breakfast today.  Last weekend we spent a perfect two days in South Beach, where, after initially missing my 5am flight, we laid at the pool, wore brand new clothes, drank a frozen mojito, went to super fancy dinners, and took zero pictures.  

When we got back from Miami, Ryan quickly left me for Canada and two other places of which I cannot keep track.  Right now, he’s getting ready to travel to states number 56 and 57 of the year and ordering Jimmy John’s for lunch since we only have chocolate cake and water here.  Luckily, I got to keep him around for the weekend, and we got to see some of our long lost favorite people.  There were lots of things to catch up on celebrate, including:

Mike’s girlfriend Karissa’s birthday,

favorite friends that we don't see nearly enough,

 our (almost) three year anniversary,

the right to whip your hair back and forth because it's your birthday and you can do whatever the heck you want,

and many other fantastic things that are in store for our wonderful group of friends.

Happy March.  Happy sunny Sunday.  Happy and safe travels to Ryan.  Happy birthday to Karissa.  Happy 1,092 days spent with the love of my life.  Happy snuggles with Rex.  Happy weekend before your half-marathon to my sister.  Happy house building to Heather.  Happy first baby smile to the Viglione family.  Happy everything to everyone, whatever you maybe be celebrating today.

 And dear Zac and Ryan, I'm sorry for calling you guys idiots last night.

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Stacey said...

Yay! You're back! Glad everything is going well:) I'm going to call one day this week at 5!