Celebrating Three

Ryan is probably the best gift giver ever.  Not only is he super sentimental and thoughtful, but his presents are basically all things that I never knew I'd always wanted.


Three keys for three years.  Or one for me, one for Ryan, and one for Rex, like I initially thought.  Sometimes I'm not at smart as my 4.0 says I am.

As for me, I like to stick to three ingredient recipes and crafty little somethings.  I've eaten 95% of this chocolate pudding cake, and was super pleased with my cake toppers.  Ryan liked his photo book the best.  You can check it out on Shutterfly by clicking here.

This is what is making me happy this weekend:
Shopping with my mom.  Watching Rex watch golf on TV.  Finding grenadine at the Harris Teeter.  Playing Draw Something with Perry.  Ryan buying me eight Chobani yogurts in my favorite flavors.  Filing my taxes all by myself.  And ... Booking our week long April trip to Turks and Caicos!

To prepare for our trip, I bought a beach hat that Ryan said is stupid and I also watched an ab workout video.  Please note that I watched it, as in - I did not actually do it.  I sat on my yoga mat and basically thought about crying and/or finishing off my chocolate cake.

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