Delta Views

In no particular order, these pictures make me really happy.  A new smile to love (Sarah's), 6:00am bus rides, Rex missing his mommy, 11 days left on our toilet paper countdown (yes, just eleven!), the no whining creature of Hey Joe's, and 4th grade character traits.

Since we're all friends here, I will tell you that I have felt lots of really not happiness.  Exhausted, emotional, stressed, homesick, "I can't do this"-ness.  On Sunday I had a burst of renewal (perhaps linked to a three day weekend and the ability to get a week ahead on my lesson plans), and now I can look back and laugh.  And smile.  And realize that many great things - experiences, dollar store headbands, friends, learning, Wodney Wat, emotions, a new dress, etc - have come from this.  Tomorrow is our last day in the double digits.  Heck yes, we can.


saygray said...

I've officially read all of your posts. :) Creeper much?
This one is my favorite...
probably because of your sumo wrestler hair in the first picture.
Next, you should post a picture of Hey Joe's Big Goal! - which should be halfway complete right around your cumpleaños! How fabulous.

ashley said...

Love this and love your smile. 9 days now. Can't wait to see your face.