Easter Treats

This year, we forgoed the Hoe, and headed to the mountains to celebrate Easter with my family. I know forgoed isn’t really a word, but today it is, okay? The day was filled with new board books for Alekzander, my sister’s birthday, an Easter egg hunt, a trip to the park, $5 flats from the Target, a miniature puppy, and way too many treats. I ate homemade Easter pizza while the others were carnivores. Has your dad ever made you Easter pizza? I recommend it. It’s just like Birthday pizza or Wednesday pizza or Christmas pizza, but on Easter. Except this year was my sister’s birthday, so maybe it was EasterBirthday pizza. My dad also made us biscotti. It was maybe the best thing I’ve ever tasted. And it is going to be on my EasterBirthdayWednesdayChristmas wish list every year.

Don’t you love this Alekzander sized dog? I think I need one of each. A baby and a puppy, of course.

Maybe when I’m 29 though.

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