Cranes for Kids

For every paper crane that finds its way to Oshkosh – via the internet, snail mail, or hand delivery – a special child in Japan will receive an article of clothing. This is such an easy, fun, and free way to help survivors of the heart breaking devastation that was created by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

I know you have a kajillion sheets of scrapbook paper somewhere in that messy craft cabinet of yours, so get to folding! You even get to write a special wish on the inside of each of your cranes.  I think I love them:

I wish I could make a thousand. You know what happens then, right? I do, because I’ve read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (out loud) about five times to classrooms full of 6th graders.

Visit Oshkosh's Cranes for Kids website here to get crane making instructions and more details about this sweet project.

“Make a crane. Clothe a child. Make a difference.”


Perfectly Perrywinkle said...

Yay!!!! I am so doing this! I will repost this blog on my blog! We should totally just make as many cranes as we can by Saturday and bring them when you come! We'll send an entire box of them!!!!

Perfectly Perrywinkle said...

I def think I would like to work on some of these this week!