What The What

Although I’m not a wife (surprise!) or a mom (surprise!), I love this.  Love, love, and capital LOVE.  You should click on it.  And read. Most of the blogs I read happen to be about mommyhood or wifelyhood, and although I can’t always relate, I totally get this.  I love Jami’s honesty, and it takes a brave and humble soul to really put it all out there.  And I love this: "what the what is this all about?" Because really, what the what is this all about?!
And PS: My mom thinks I’m a total weirdo for talking about these women like they are my friends.  But I mean – let's be real here – they are … even if it is totally one sided.


Jami Nato said...

you are not weird. we could be friends in real life...right?? ha.

except that you are too pretty and i'll be jealous of you. ha. what?

LauraJ said...

tessa, my mom thinks the same thing about me! especially when i show her cute piptures and stuff like that... like I've known these chicks for a million years! she rolls her eyes at me a lot. oh moms... sheesh.