Today is a surprise happy snow day. On my SHSD, I have done the following:

Drank 3 cups of vanilla cinnamon tea
Folded a laundry
Organized a cupboard
Got distracted by things I found, and decided to take a small crafting break
Washed my bathroom rugs
Starved (no food for the snow storm)
Swiffer wetted my bathroom floors
Did my mother’s resume
Cleaned the 7 inches of snow off my car with a cutting board (this worked fabulously by the way, so don’t you snicker)
Drove 15 miles per hour to the grocery store
Ate 13 vanilla wafers
Got in a fight with Rex (over snuggling)
Threw a pillow at Rex’s face
Cut off my hangnails
Drank a hot chocolate
Dreamed about the days when I was able to drive to the Target (you know, any day without snow)

And that’s all so far. Oh, you wanted to know about my crafting session? I ripped out pages of a mini dictionary and glued them on my magic magnet scrabble board. Why, yes, in fact I did strategically choose the pages I wanted to use. They were chosen based on the words at the top of the page, one or two pages per letter of the alphabet. I was sure to include words I love like: alligator and jerkwater and naked. Obviously there were more words than that, but those are the only three I can think of. Here, see for yourself:

Oh, and it’s totally fine of me to like the word naked – I know you were still scratching your head about that one. I also really like the word bodega.  Before three weeks ago, I had never heard it in my life.  Now I have probably heard it 23 times.  Crazy.  And maybe you are also scratching your head saying: What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is jerkwater?  Don't fret, I'm scratching my head with you.

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Sherry said...

I'm glad you utilized your snow day to the fullest! Especially being creative: using a cutting board to scrape off your car and updating my resume.