A Rockin' Aunt

 At one year old, I am pretty serious about a few things.

1.  Eating 
{See my cheeks?}

2.  Music 
{Have you seen me dance?}

3.  My ATB
{I think she rocks! Don't you?}

 I love you ATB.

PS - You didn't include "snuggles from a Zoo Bear" on your Christmas wish list. 
Guess I'll have to take them back.

Love, Alekzander

Blog hijacked in the spirit of Christmas by Alekzander and his mama.

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Tess said...

Yay! I love being hijacked! I assumed snuggles were a mutual Christmas wish between us, so I didn't think I had to ask. Please don't return them! :) What a happy little elfish surprise to find!