A For Real Tiger

The day I got a for real tiger was Christmas. Ryan and I currently share custody of the for real tiger, and I hope that lasts forever – because, you know, I’m hoping he’ll love me forever and everything like that. My sister, brother-in-law, and sweet nephew were the givers of our for real tiger and I will love them forever because of it. Even if they forget my birthday or crash my car or break my two front teeth (which are already fake, by the way), I will love them forever because they provided me with a for real tiger for Christmas in 2010. And I’ll say, with a lisp through my broken teeth: Hey, ith okay. Remember that one Chrithmath that you goth me a for real thiger? I thill love you for that.

So, our for real tiger lives in Asia. And we love him. And here is what we looked like when we got him.

What? Getting a for real tiger for Christmas doesn’t make you cry? Don’t be jealous. You can visit World Wildlife to get your own.

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ashley said...

Haha. One of my favorites! I LOVE the progression of pictures. Especially when you were afraid of what was living in the box that was scratched and poked through. I wouldn't buy you a for real tiger and then make him suffocate in a box. Duhhh... PS - Have you named your tiger? I think he should be Kiene (that is my word ver.).