Last night I found myself craving sweet potato fries (SPF) at 1:07 in the morning. We happened to be with a good friend of ours, who we shall from here on out refer to as Big Mike – because he is big … and Mike. Big Mike knows the type of people who will make him a special order of SPF at crazy hours of the night, and so this means that he is a good person to be friends with.  And he reads my B which automatically puts him on the favorites list. I will introduce you:

I stole this picture from Mike's Facebook.  He won't care.  Plus, he looks exceptionally big here.

Upon entering the secret SPF location, three things happened. 1) We realized we had stumbled upon a karaoke night. 2) Ryan quickly transformed into his rock star alter-ego. 3) I had to decide if I wanted salted SPF or cinnamon sugared SPF. While Ryan decided what song to sing, I decided on salted, and the manager of the secret SPF location said no. And then he told me he would bring me some samples. (Do I need to point out that this is totally fantastic service for 1:30 in the morning on a Wednesday karaoke night?) So I waited patiently for my SPF samples. And then they came…

Two sweet potato fries on a plate. I was overjoyed at the simplicity. Have you ever been served two fries on a large white plate? It is fantastic. The fries were each accompanied by their designated seasoning in a small clear plastic cup. I held a naked SPF between my index finger and thumb while salt was poured over it. I tasted it. Yum. I’ll take salted ones. And then my life was changed. I held the second naked SPF between my index finger and thumb while the cinnamon sugar combination was poured over it. I tasted it. Super yum. The end. Life changed. Yes please. And then three pounds of cinnamon sugared SPF were brought to our table. Big Mike and I devoured them while watching the karaoke performances of Ryan Taylor. We were serenaded with the musical stylings of Kid Rock and Sublime.

Lovin. Is what I got. I said remember that. Lovin. Is what I got.

1) Please note that all references to Dalmatians or dogs in this song were replaced with “tiger”. As in: “I don’t cry when my tiger runs away.”  2) Please also note that I am neither pregnant or on drugs. Just an innocent desire for sweet potato fries at a strange hour. Plus, I had pumpkin cake for dinner.  3) Please also also note that SPF should never be confused with SFP.  You know?


Raegan said...

I made SPF for dinner just this week. Mine were baked in the oven brushed with EVOO and sprinkled with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and Allspice. While Ryan's clone (aka Harry)would not touch the SPFs the rest of the clan was quite happy to fill their tummies.

Tess said...

YUM! Haha Ryan was completely disgusted with the SPF too. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you though. :)