Today as I was doing my usual rounds on Facebook (I really need to quit), I noticed something in the far right corner that said: What are you wearing? And here is what I thought about that: Wow, Facebook, that is very forward of you.  And also super creepy. But, if you must know, I am wearing a navy blue dress, a yellow scarf, dark gray tights, and blue, green, and yellow argyle knee socks that are peeking out of my brown mini-wedge boots. And, by the way, where does this information go? To the clothing polls? To deep dark scary vaults to be stored forever and ever?

Then I realized that Facebook actually asked me: What are you planning? As in: Why haven’t you responded to these events and what else are you going to do that we can make public? And here is what I thought about that: Oh, Facebook, I liked you so much better when I thought you were asking me about my clothes.

And what are you wearing today? (Is it possible to ask that without being a total creep? Because really, I just want to know. And I want you to lie to me and tell me you are wearing something so fashion, even if you are actually sitting around in your unmentionables reading my B.)

Creep is a really weird word.  Have you ever used it four times in one sitting?  Circle yes or no.  If you circled no, I don't suggest you try - it'll leave a weird feeling in the back of your throat from all of those long e sounds.  Yuck.  I hate this conversation.  The end.

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