So I also went to my first Steelers game. Before the game, we set up shop in a semi-abandoned parking lot that was basically at the end of an alleyway. It was perfectly hidden (and free to park there!), surrounded by old buildings and a train track. Ryan performed acrobatics – jumping over chairs, dancing on the roof of the minivan, and wrestling tigers. That last part isn’t true, but we did talk about tigers a whole lot over the course of the weekend. Lindsay made adult apple cider, which was delicious with her homemade pumpkin bread. (Ryan prefers to call it “Halloween bread” though, because even though he thinks it is super yummy, he won’t come to terms with liking anything that has to do with pumpkin.) Some of Zac and Lindsay’s Pennsylvania friends came to meet up with us, and Rachel brought cookies and adult Jell-O – in black and yellow flavors for the Steelers!

Are you totally jealous of my amazing weekend? It was maybe the best ever, and I think it would be in the realm of appropriate for you to admit that you’re at least a little jeal. Ryan was able to score some seats about 14 rows back on the 50 yard line. I don’t know too much about football (except that I get made fun of when I say “touchdown zone”), but the seats were unmistakably absolutely incredible. I wouldn’t want to have been anywhere else – the field was green, the players were life-sized, the weather was the perfect October chilly with a touch of sun and a splash of rain, and there were Pittsburgh fans galore. Unfortunately the game didn’t end like we had hoped, but it was certainly a day for the books.

Ryan is the best. He’s the best planner, the best packer, the best take charger, and the best have funner. Thanks for making our weekend happen, Ryan – you’re my best tiger.

Dear Dad,
We took these for you.  Do you love them?  Circle yes or no.
Love, Me


ashley said...

I'm 100% jealous and not afraid to admit it... Also - how did you get b&w and yellow?! Love the pics.

Sherry said...

Is that a baby keg and a straw?
We are so proud!

Tess said...

Hahah, thanks Mom! It is actually a plastic stick, not a straw. :)