Rainy Day Date

October is so close I can taste it. We have had nothing but gray skies, a full serving of fall scented rain showers, and temperatures that make you want to snuggle the day away. Today I convinced Ryan to take me to Brixx for dinner – actually it didn’t take much convincing, just a little text message whining about the fact that nobody else wanted to go with me. And so we went. It started to sprinkle on our walk over, and the rain continued to fall harder and faster as I ate my tomato and mozzarella wrap and blue potato chips. Have you had blue potato chips? They’re really made from blue potatoes and I think they are maybe the most fantastic chips out there. I also really love October – have I told you?

So dinner was over and I drank some coffee and Ryan provided some useful conversation and then we left. And it was pouring. Ryan will tell you that it wasn’t, but he wouldn’t know a pour if one fell on his head … which it did. I asked him if he would go get the car and pick me up because I was wearing a skirt and sandals and a sleeveless shirt and he said no and I said well can we take a cab and he said sure. And so then we walked across the street to where four cabs were nicely lined up, waiting for people to take to their various destinations. And then we walked right past them and kept walking and crept along the side of a building to try to stay a little dry. I realized that we would not be riding in the back of a warm and cozy cab, but would instead be sprinting hand in hand through the streets of downtown Charlotte.

Ryan led the way and we rebelliously crossed streets when we weren't supposed to and took short cuts through big important buildings that big important people go to work in every day.  We visited the marble staircase that Ashley B fell down two winters ago when we were young single things tearing up the town.  We also snuck through some other places that helped us stay temporarily dry, and when we were running in the rain, Ryan made comments like: “Ooo!  And to your left is the rarely seen Running Tessa” and “Suck it up babe … it’s an adventure!”.   And it was.  I didn’t even cry about it.

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