Playing House

This weekend, we played house while we babysat Alekzander. Ashley was getting her hair did, and we got to kick it with the little one while she was off getting beautiful. Alekzander loved looking out of Ryan’s eleventh story windows and checking out all of the sunbathers and cornhole players at the pool below. He has mastered pulling himself up with one sticky little baby hand stuck to the window for support. We went for a big walk to Harris Teeter (a whole two blocks away) and Ryan got me vanilla ice cream to go with the yummy zucchini bread Ashley had brought over.

Alekzander mostly played on the floor with us, but he also checked out Ryan’s pitch that was spread out all over his chaise lounge (I think he was probably trying to steal insider secrets about their stock). He also ripped some pages out of a magazine and tried to text his peeps by opening and closing my phone a gajillion times and pressing every button he could get his chubby little fingers on. Then he played with my three tubes of mascara while I got ready to meet up with my sister at her church.

Since she was running late, Ryan and I had the challenge of dropping Alekzander off at the church’s nursery. After wandering the halls for a while, then finally asking someone where we should go, the drop off went something like this: Hi. This is my sister’s baby. I’m not sure what to do. Then the lady told me to just set him on the floor and he’d be fine. So I said: Okay, thanks. And I put him on the floor and I left. It was a major Aunt Tessa Bug fail. I mean, where were the introductions? The hug and kiss goodbye? Will he ever love me again? Circle yes.

After church, we went over to Ashley and Andrew’s and they cooked us baked potatoes, a tomato and mozzarella salad, corn on the cob, and some carnivorous items that I didn’t partake in. Of course there was a football ice-cream cake too. What? Don’t act like you’ve never eaten ice-cream twice in one day. Remember when I thought I was quitting ice-cream? Apparently that didn’t work out so well for me.


Tess said...

Is it okay to comment on my own B? Circle yes or no. I just had to add a PS: Isn't Ryan so cute playing airplane w/ Alekzoo?

ashley said...

Haha. I love these pictures. Ryan is cute playing airplane. I also like your silhouettes peering out at the great big city. Thanks for loving my little boy and taking care of him. He will always love his ATB.

Raegan said...

I must say Uncle Ryan has always been a hit with his nieces (Taylor)and nephews (Towne). The Towne girls haven't spent enough time learning the fun that is Uncle Ryan. My boys still talk about the trip to NC (2 years ago!) and how cool Uncle Ryan's jeep is. We all wish we could see Uncle Ryan more often. Tessa, Give Uncle Ryan some punds from his boys and kisses from his girls!

Raegan said...

Ooops! Some Pounds from his boys!