New Meadowlands Stadium

Oh, so, you know … just a quick trip up to New York and back. That’s what we did yesterday. And we attended the first ever game in the New Meadowlands Stadium. The Carolina Panthers didn’t really win (okay, they completely lost), but that’s alright because the experience was amazing.


New York people are big and scary. Especially when you’re just a little Panther and the ratio of fans is about 1000:1. Actually they were (mostly) pretty nice and good spirited. Apparently Ryan and I are fairly good at befriending strangers … we’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Rex is pleased that I am home after a long and busy weekend. I’m pleased too. Plus, it is super Septembery outside. I can’t wait to drive to work with my windows down. Don’t you just love that?


ashley said...

Look at you being a football fan!! Dad and I are proud of you! :)

Ryan said...

Tessa learned what an interception is this weekend and that it is good to be the interceptor and bad to throw one! Good work babe!