Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon came to the Verizon amphitheater last night, and so we did too. Ryan is an expert tailgater, and he had all kinds of snacks and beverages and music and tickets packed up for us. Even things like a tomato and mozzarella salad, crackers and cheddar cheese, peanut M&Ms, and pineapple juice. I really like him.

We made a lot of new friends, saw a lot of old friends, and really enjoyed the concert. Do you know Kings of Leon? I think they are fantastic. You would probably think so too.

It was a beautiful late summer night with the most perfect temperature for an outside show. We sat center stage, just a handful of rows behind the pit. Basically everything was amazing. My heart did a whole lot of smiling.

Today is rainy and gloomy, a nice transition into fall and a good excuse to be lazy and waste away our day. Tomorrow we are going to New York for the Panthers vs. Giants game. I have a cute new Panthers shirt and I’m very excited about our quick little trip. I love that September is here, and I equally love that it is almost half way over. The end of September means the beginning of October, which is the best of the best months in existence. I want to live my life in a perpetual October. Do you think this can be arranged? Circle yes or no.

[Today we remember.]

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