Full and Yummy

My Monday, which was really a Tuesday, was full and yummy. It involved generic brand Life cereal, a pretend jump rope, a big glass of milk, a visit to the post office, some texts with AB, work, a peanut butter sandwich, a little more work, blueberry Greek yogurt, a quick hug and hello to AB at her place, whole grain pasta, pumpkin cookies, and a few hours catching up with Krista.

See. Full. And yummy.

I also talked to my sister on my commute home. Do you commute home? Or do you just commute to work? What exactly does commute mean again? I like my sister, Ashley. She would be able to tell me what commute means (I think). And she also has Verizon now, which means that we can talk to each other for endless hours. Alekzander sometimes has a thing or two to say too. Usually it goes like this: “bLAh BlaH rAH Rah”. And I say “Oh, me too. Definitely.”

And today, Ryan and I have been dating for a year and a half, which equals 18 months. I asked Ryan if we stopped counting our months at this point in our relationship. You know, like how a mom says: “Hi, this is my baby. He is 4 months old.” And then later she says: “Oh, he’s 13 months now.” And then all of a sudden he is a year and a half and then almost two. Like the months just stopped. “Hi, I’m Tessa. I’m 301 and a half months old.” Really. Because I am.

Ryan had football tonight, which is why we aren’t out gallivanting right now. I did, however, receive an email from him stating that we have a date tomorrow evening. Let’s just say that it’s going to involve Mary Poppins. Really. Isn’t he the best? Are you jealous? Because I would be if he wasn’t mine.

Do you think I use the word "yum" too much?  Circle yes or no.

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