New Jersey Chronicles

3:30a: Wake up. Shower. Take a nap while I blow-dry my hair.

4:40a: Panic. My GPS won’t work and even though I’ve driven there 37 times, I can’t think of how to get to the airport.

5:03a: Arrive at airport, park in Long Term O5, chase down bus.

5:37a: Chug a grande non-fat chai.

5:47a: Board plane, tell someone they are in my seat. That someone has to tell someone else he is in his seat. Everyone has to move, but it really doesn’t matter. We’re all going to the same place.

6:02a: Land in Newark.

9:17a: Eat a bagel and chug a hazelnut coffee at Panera.

9:59a: Spend a significant amount of time wandering around CVS.

11:00a: Arrive at hotel. Talk to some people. Attempt to go on a walk. Decide we are hungry again.

12:18p: Eat at a yummy place called Brick Oven Pizza in Morristown. (By the way, the weather is phenomenal, so we sit outside under a big red umbrella.)

1:30p: Start getting ready. Shower. Blow-dry. Curl. Hairspray. Curl. Hairspray. Make-up.

2:45p: Head to the church for the wedding.

3:00p:  Wedding!

5:00p: Pre-dinner chat, drinks, food.

7:00p: Dancing. Dinner. Dancing. Dessert. Dancing.

11:00p: Sleep.


Sherry said...

Handsome couple.
Cute dress, Tess.
Is it vintage?

Tess said...

Yes! It actually IS vintage! How'd you know? ;)