7 in 7

This morning I was listening to the radio, and KISS has a segment that they like to call “Stupid News”. Today’s story was about two Ninjas who stole around $65k in cash and jewelry from a diamond store in Manhattan at 2:00pm this past Sunday. A couple things:

1) We were in Manhattan at 2:00pm this past Sunday!
2) As we were leaving the city – around that time – there was lots of police action and a few new roadblocks.
3) Maybe we saw the ninjas! Can you see ninjas? Or are they too super fast and slick?
4) If I were going to rob a diamond store, I would get WAY more than $65k worth of goods. Just saying … that’s only like a handful of items.

Today Ryan is touring a factory in Wisconsin. I wonder if it is a cheese factory. (Ryan: Is it a cheese factory?)  He comes home tonight, and I know he is very excited to be home for a couple of weeks. He has visited seven states in less than seven days. See:

Yuck. I like home a lot – did you know?  And remember when we hated Newark and promised each other that we'd never go back?  Well, I think we're going back. In three weeks.  (Ryan: Are we going back?)  It'll be for a very exciting reason though.  I'll keep you posted.


Ryan said...

It was not a cheese factory, however, it was a manufacturing plant that makes pumps and valves that are used to process things like tomatoes, beer, cheese and yogurt (and many other great tasting foods and beverages). I am very glad to be flying home today. And "YES" we are going back to Newark in 3 weeks! And it will be much more fun!

Tess said...

Mmm ... I love tomatos, beer, cheese, AND yogurt. Sorry I forgot about Illinois to give you credit for 8 states. Yay for our 2nd go at Newark!