Peep Toes

I bought a pair of peep toe flats a few weeks ago and they’ve been anxiously sitting in my closet, waiting to see the world ever since. They made their debut today and they are happy. Don't you just love the word(s) “peep toe”? Together they sounds so cute and little – like you just want to have them for a snack.

And I typically have no luck finding flats – especially brown ones for some reason – so you can imagine my delight when I scooped up these guys at Target for $19. My sister has a similar pair of flats from Banana that are called something like “Tessa Bow Peep”, which I think it fantastic – for obvious reasons.

What is making you happy today? Is the simple fact that it is Friday enough to make you smile? And how do you feel about the strange bones in my feet?


Heather said...

If these exist in size 5.5...they might come home with me too? Are they comfortable? I'm a baby when it comes to shoes...my tiny feet do not like to be in pain.


Tess said...

Yes! I was trying them on when I was on the phone with you! I had to get a 6, so you might need a 5. They are pretty comfortable - mine aren't quite broken in yet.