I decided to treat my hands to a manicure during my lunch break today. I think I made the guy really nervous, and I don’t think he liked the nude/neutral color I selected. And that made me feel bad and awkward, like I should duck my head and slip out the front door. But I didn’t. I was half way in when he started giggling and skipping steps and apologizing and apologizing some more. Oh man. The people of Huntersville. Does any of that even make sense? Once upon a time, we took all of our clothes to this lady for alterations, and she always charged $6 for anything and everything. She could bustle your wedding dress or hem your pants for the flat rate of $6. I don’t think those two stories are related. Have I inhaled too many nail polish fumes?

Anywho. After my facial, pedicure, and manicure that I’ve had in the past four days, I’ve decided it is time for a haircut. I’m growing my hair long. Long like Rapunzel because I like dragons and castles and Prince Charmings (but I’m not in the market for one of those right now, thank you very much). But even long hair needs a cut once in a while. And it has been a while, so I’m ready for my once. Luckily, mysisterashley gave me a haircut for my birthday. Jesse is the guy who cuts our hairs. (And also he has a lot of tattoos and always wears black and demonstrated to me how he can flat iron his hair with a miniature flat iron). So, I’m going to call him. And make an appointment for my split ends to hit the floor.

Whenever I get haircuts, I find it necessary to buy new mascara and blush too. Add that to the makeover budget. Mysisterashley feels the same way, so I know that I’m not crazy. There’s just something about fresh lashes and rosy cheeks that compliment a new do. I’ll keep you posted. Do you have a dragon? Can I pet-sit for you?

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