The Color Purple

Regarding the color purple (the real color purple, not the book or movie): I like it. Woah. I know. Hold the phone, right? For nearly eighteen years, I’ve hated purple even more than I hate pink. But with this being said, I must admit that in college I slept on bright pink sheets for an entire year - by choice. So, I mean, things change – like this purple business.

It all started with a cheetah t-shirt that I got for free once upon a time while I was shopping at Gap. Is this sounding familiar? And for about a month, my toenails wore a dark gray/purple polish that I fell in love with while shopping the aisles of Target. Then, Ryan brought me back a shirt from Chicago that had purple accents and I declared: “Hey, I do like purple.” And he said that he had noticed. How sweet. Then last week, I splurged on OPI’s “Rumples Wiggin” and fell in love with yet another purple nail polish. Ryan catches me staring at my toes, admiring how fabulous they look resting on his light green pillows. He laughs and tries to block my view. I really like toes when they have a bright happy color on them. Don’t you?

So the grand finale of me liking purple is (quite obviously) owning a pair of purple running shoes. Which I will. Tomorrow. When they arrive at my office! And then I’ll wrap them in lime green wrapping paper and put a bow on the box and write: “Love, Mom and Dad” on the top. I’ll excitedly open them on July 17th (you know – my birthday – in 11 days) and wear my best surprised face. Am I totally ruining the surprise by telling you? Probably. But I’m just so dang excited about them. I’ve secretly been checking them out for months. My size comes and goes, and of course I get sad when they’re sold out, but it was such an adrenaline rush this morning when Zappos told me “Only 1 Pair Left in this Size/Color Combination!”. Absolutely! Sign me up for ownership. I love you already, my purple Nike Free Runs. Maybe I’ll name you Rumples and Wiggin and sleep with you on my feet. Did you ever do that when you were little? Circle yes, because I know that you did.

Let’s hope they fit. Please and thank you.  Also, I really love the book Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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ashley said...

I am enjoying purple today too. A purple dress (of the long "amish" variety) and an orange tank underneath. Did you know they match? They do if you have African beads with orange and purple and other fabulous colors. PS - I have purple earrings to match.