We Dance and Eat Cobbler

We are the type of people who dance. We, meaning over 90% of my friends. My sister is on the fence with this activity. I’d probably classify her as a non-dancer, but I have faith that a dancer could be found somewhere deep down in her conservative little soul. This isn’t to say that we dance well. Nope, not at all. But we dance. And it makes us smile and laugh and fall in love with our loved ones all over again. This is what we did last night. We danced. And for the majority of the evening, we were the only three people dancing. Even better.

This weekend was a breath of fresh air. Heather’s visit was perfect – I love my low maintenence, easy to please Virginia Beach girl. On Friday we walked the streets of Birkdale and visited some of the boutiques for honeymoon dresses for the bride-to-be. We ate pizza at Brixx (veggie for me, pineapple for her) and came home to split a piece of cheesecake for dessert. On Saturday we tried to get a little sun at the pool, and then we slowly and lazily got ready for our big date night with Ryan. He took us to Mez uptown, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. (The pre-dinner bread was my favorite part!) After that, we made a panicked decision to head back to the lake for some live music at Kylie’s – where, of course, we danced the night away.

Tonight, Ryan, Heather, and I were invited to my sister’s house for dinner and then to see the Charlotte Symphony at Pops in the Park. Unfortunately, a storm blew through, knocking over a tree in her back yard, so we weren’t able to make it. Oh, boo – too bad we had to stay in the cool indoors and play BABY for a few extra hours! Feeding Alekzander cereal and teaching him his family tree was probably Heather’s favorite part of the whole weekend. Who doesn’t love a chubby cheeked baby on a rainy Sunday night? Plus, my mom was there and had made us homemade blueberry cobbler. Moms are great like that. And she even sang a little circus song and danced a couple of jigs for us. Does your cobbler making mother sing circus songs in the middle of the living room? I didn’t think so. Mine wins.

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