Holden Time

Yesterday was our first night in Holden Beach. We are staying at our friend’s family’s vacation house, and it is absolutely adorable – everything you’d hope for in a little beach getaway and more. My favorite part is the outdoor shower, which is more like a fully enclosed personal locker room, complete with benches, a mirror, hooks, two shower heads, and shelves. There is a full wraparound porch with more wooden chairs and tables than you could ever imagine. I think in my next life – when I’m a cat – I’m going to live there and lounge all day in the sunshine on the Adirondacks. You really don’t even need the inside of a house when you are at the beach in early June.

Last night we went to dinner to celebrate our friend Scott’s birthday and then came back to listen to 90’s slow jams (Boys II Men) and rock and roll. We all sat snuggled on the porch and watched Ryan, Dan and Justin dance and have pull up contests from the rafters. Even I participated in the pull ups – of course I lost with my measly one – but I gave myself an A for effort.

This morning we made a big breakfast, put on our swim suits, and walked across the street to the ocean. It was the perfect day to spend outside in the sun with good friends. We ate grapes and pretzels, went on walks, counted dead jellyfish, dove into the waves, and even encountered a washed up juvenile turtle (he didn’t make it). After the beach, we all showered and started to prepare dinner, which was later cooked by Mr. Taylor on the grill. Steak, potatoes, asparagus, corn, zucchini and squash – can you think of a better summer dinner? I think the only thing missing was watermelon for dessert.

Tonight we are laying low and spending the evening watching the lightning storm on the porch, listening to Citizen Cope, and soaking in every glorious beach sensation that we are offered: the smell of the salt in the ocean, the breeze in our hair, the heat radiating off our skin, the leftover scents of coconut sunscreen on our drying towels, and the laughter of our closest friends.

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. said...

beautifully written. one of the many things i love about you is how you express the simple things in life and make them seem like a big deal (which they are to people like us) but i think you make it contagious. i love you.

ps- the word i must type in to post this comment is nossess. interesting.