Cat Safety First

When I got home on Sunday night, something terrible had happened. I had been gone for about 36 hours, and when I walked inside, Rex was nowhere to be found. This is not normal, as I can usually hear him meowing through the door before I can even get my key into the lock. I went inside, put my stuff down, and called for him. He came stumbling out of my bedroom and then toppled over against the wall and slid down to the ground. Rex is a very black cat – no markings on him at all – and the first thing I noticed after I saw him was his white (but usually black) nose. And then I saw what had happened. Poor baby had apparently tried to remove his collar by using his mouth, and it was stuck between his jaws like a gag. He had lost a lot of fluids because of the inability to close his mouth, and his face, neck, and front paws were covered in dried cat drool. Once I took off his collar, he was lethargic but wanted to eat and drink (as I would too). I have no idea how long he was like this, but based on how dehydrated he had gotten, I know that it was a decent amount of time. He’s totally fine now – back to his little Rexy self: playing catch, wanting snacks, attacking feet, being a snuggle bug, and greeting me at the door.

So, this is not to tell you how horrible mother I am (because believe me, I already feel bad enough), but to tell you to switch your animals’ collars to safety (breakaway) ones. They make ones that pop open should they get in an emergency situation like this – or stuck on their cages/fences. Please learn from my mistake – I’d hate for you to come home to the circumstance that I did (or worse).


ashley said...

Oh my. Poor Rexy. I'm glad he's ok! I hope he gets a lot of special snuggles this week, and a rockin' new collar.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading on a reader so I hardly comment I know but this time I had to! A couple months ago my dogs began to play fight and one dogs jaws got caught on the other dog's collar. The two canine teeth were too long to unhook and he shook to get the other dog off. He ended up twisting the collar into an x and the other dog was choking to death. The collar was so tight that I couldn't even slide my finger in to loosen it! The other dog flopped around finally and it "un-xed" and she was ok. She shook for 20 minutes. Scared me half to death. All due to the collars being very loose. :( Glad Rex is okey dokey!