And So ...

My mom used to say “I want, I want, I want” in a whiney voice – mocking me – when I got like this. And it’s true … I’m having a major case of the “I wants” right now. Unfortunately I’m simultaneously having a case of the “can't haves” right now, but the “don’t really needs” are trailing closely behind. So basically I’ll end up with nothing (lose), spend nothing (win), which is okay because I seem to have all that I need (neutral). Mostly I’m wanting new bathing suits and dresses from Victoria’s Secret, and that’s probably just because we leave for the beach tomorrow. In two days I’ll be completely over it and onto something new that I’ll forget about in another week. And so it goes.

Tonight I have to pack (my old boring clothes), and there’s probably nothing I hate more than packing. But did you know about my giraffe luggage? I really like it a lot, and you would think it would make packing so much more fun, but it really doesn’t. Not at all. Not even a smidge of extra excitement comes with it (lose). But it does make me feel pretty fabulous walking through the airport and picking up my suitcases at baggage claim (win). And people talk about it. They do. I hear them. Even the airport workers have something to say about my giraffe luggage: “Wow, I bet you never lose your bags!” or “Haven’t seen that one before!” (neutral). And so packing is still packing – no matter what kind of animal suitcases you have.  Even if they look like this:

Image (and luggage) from CSN.

One time, I went to the beach and forgot to wear bathing suit bottoms. My best friend Katie and I rode our super sweet beach cruisers to the oceanfront from my old house in Virginia Beach. We locked up our bikes, laid out our towels, got settled into a spot on the sand, and began to undress. I took off my shirt and began to take off my shorts. I quickly noticed that I was still wearing my unmentionables, and they were halfway exposed to all of 9th Street (lose). Katie thought it was pretty funny (neutral). I had to ride all the way home and all the way back – by myself – just to fetch my bottoms (lose). And so, nothing good comes from wearing your bikini top paired with your unmentionables when you are fifteen at a crowded public beach. I can’t imagine that anything good would come of that when you are twenty four either – and so, I will remember.

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Sherry said...

It wasn't out of meanness.
Be thankful for all that you have.
Especially your luggage!