I am having a love affair with a little fellow I like to call Oscar. Oscar is a blanket that we adopted from the uptown Marshall’s back when Ryan’s condo was “going green”. Although Ryan did start recycling (a lot) when he met me, our version of “going green” involved replacing all red items at his place with a calming light sage green color. We found pillows, paintings, candles, and wonderful leaf patterned rugs that all came together in a matter of a weekend’s time. The most important purchase, however, was Oscar.

It took a little while for me to warm up to Oscar, but our relationship grows stronger every time I visit. He just recently received his name, and he frequently eats breakfast, watches television, snuggles on top of the covers, and lounges on the couch with me. Sometimes he just likes to be carried around on my shoulders, and other times he prefers to stay in bed all day long. I think Ryan is a little jealous. But the whole thing is really his fault since he is the one who brought him home in the first place. We’ve tried to locate his twin brother – you know, so Ryan would have a blanket to use at his own house – but someone else must have scooped him up. We hope he is loved.

Today I have the day off. We've already sent Ryan off to work - coffee and oatmeal in belly - so Oscar and I are going to catch up on The Real Housewives of New York. Big things we’ve got planned for our Friday morning together.

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