To The Hoe!

The Hoe is where my parents live. More formally known as Arapahoe, NC (Oh, you say you’ve never heard of such a place? It’s real. We didn’t make this up.), it is a place of quiet, woods, sunshine, golf, homemade pizza, canoeing, seashell collecting, poisonous snakes, crafting, porches, and lazy days. And apparently, I think it is a place where you can wear blue sweatpants tucked into your boots.

It’s a casual place, and you can go for days without seeing another soul, if you wish it so. If you wish it not so, then you can hop in your car and go to the market to get some milk, or to the sweet shops on the cobblestone roads in New Bern, or you can even take a ferry ride across the river. We – as in me, Ryan, Ashley, Andrew, and Alekzander (We couldn’t leave that little snuggle bug behind!) – are making the great journey to The Hoe this weekend. It is Easter, after all.

We are all very excited to get there and spend a relaxing couple of days with our family. My sister and I both put in our requests for an Easter egg hunt and hidden baskets, and I think it is going to happen. We have both been very good this year, and the Easter Bunny has been watching. What? You don’t believe in the EB?! Maybe you should start. Maybe you should start believing next year though, because you might have been bad already, and you will get rotten eggs. It’s true.

If you wanted to know, I will be singing this song before, during, and after our departure tomorrow:

To the Hoe, to the Hoe, to the Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!
To the Hoe, to the Hoe we go, go, go!
To the Hoe, to the Hoe, to the Hoe, Hoe, Hoe!
To the Hoe! We go, go, go!

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Sherry said...

I love when you come to the Hoe singing the Hoe Song! EB will be waiting for you to arrive!